The Fredericksburg Area MiLB Baseball Initiative

THOS. M. BYRNES, LLC is leading the Minor League Baseball (MiLB) initiative in the Fredericksburg, VA region.  Tom Byrnes and regional leaders started the Rappahannock Baseball Initiative (RBI) in 2013, and Byrnes became the presiding officer and Managing Member of RBI when the Washington Nationals selected Fredericksburg as the desired new location for their Maryland A Team (the Hagerstown Suns). 

In the City of Fredericksburg, Tom Byrnes represented both the majority owner of the MiLB team and one-time project partner Diamond Nation in the public-private effort to build a first of its kind, combined professional and amateur baseball and softball complex.  While Byrnes played a leading role in successfully securing the necessary approvals and “yes” vote needed from the Fredericksburg City Council to proceed, the agreed upon location ultimately proved to be cost prohibitive due to topography challenges that were initially (and erroneously) deemed surmountable. 

Diamond Nation has since been exploring locations in the region as a stand alone project, while neighboring Spotsylvania County had an opportunity to become the new home of the Suns.  Spotsylvania, however, required additional time to complete a deal that was not afforded to them by MiLB.  Although the MiLB-imposed deadline subsequently ruled the Suns out as becoming the region’s new MiLB team, Byrnes and RBI continue to work with other interested teams in professional baseball as well as with local government leaders to bring this desired form of affordable family entertainment to the Fredericksburg region.  A public-private partnership needed to secure a team and to build a multi-use, public-owned stadium is expected to come to fruition in 2016. 

To help quantify public support for this initiative, Byrnes built, published and helped maintain a Rappahannock Baseball Initiative Facebook page that amassed nearly 6,000 local followers and supporters (visit here), thus providing the region’s governing bodies with the public support necessary to make an appropriate incentive package a reality — which is required to make this ambitious project possible.

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Minor League Baseball is coming to the Fredericksburg


Tom Byrnes is also securing sponsorship interests to help make all this possible.  Please direct sponsorship inquiries here.

*Photo:  (Stafford, VA) Byrnes with Toronto Blue Jays’ six time All-Star José Bautista.

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