Tom Byrnes is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) and is registered there with a non-party, independent affiliation.  Read the AAPC Code of Ethics.


THOS. M. BYRNES, LLC is led by Capitol Hill veteran Tom Byrnes, who has amassed an impressive record of success in business development, political and business campaigns, marketing and government relations.  Byrnes led the successful campaign to expand the Washington, DC commuter rail service to Spotsylvania, VA — after more than 20 successive years of failed attempts by elected officials; and his clients have won multi-million dollar municipal RFPs, local government contracts, major real estate rezonings and dozens of Virginia elections (for primarily non-partisan, independent candidates). 

Tom Byrnes is the guy who can help you make it happen.

THOS. M. BYRNES, LLC is leading the Minor League Baseball (MiLB) initiative in the Fredericksburg, VA region.  Tom Byrnes became the presiding officer and managing member of the Rappahannock Baseball Initiative (RBI) when the Washington Nationals selected Fredericksburg as the desired new location for their Maryland A team (read more).

Tom Byrnes has established a long and commanding record of success in Central Virginia since the Washington Post called him "the area's most prominent political consultant" twelve years ago (read here).


THOS. M. BYRNES, LLC was formally launched in 2003, after Byrnes spent a decade working for Congressional leadership offices, including three years as the Director of Publications for the then Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives, where he worked primarily in helping leadership staff stage press conferences to attract the attention of the national news media, and seven years working in a number of positions for the then US Senate Majority Leader (both directly and for the caucus’s policy committee).

Previous to his decade on Capitol Hill, and while attending college at St. Cloud State University (MN), Byrnes first demonstrated his ability to make the ambitious happen:  He worked aggressively to secure the gracious consent of film producer Jim Wilson and actor Kevin Costner to undertake a proposed six-week, on-set “independent study” to work on the filming of Dances With Wolves, and as part of the film’s art department.  He received a Production Assistant screen credit in this epic film, which won seven Academy Awards and became the highest grossing Western film of all time.

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Tom Byrnes is also an accomplished artist.  His artistic work has been utilized in his consulting business and has been publicly displayed in Washington, DC continuously for as long as a decade, including portraiture work that hung in the United States Capital Building.  Visit this site’s companion page, ARTISTIC WORKS, to learn more.

Byrnes lives in George Washington’s hometown of Fredericksburg, VA. 

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