THOS. M. BYRNES, LLC provides the essential services and expertise you, your business, organization or locality needs to make something happen.

In the case of any major economic development project, election, competitive bid, branding or re-branding and controversial or complicated public policy initiative, a campaign approach will maximize your likelihood of success and advancement.

Tom Byrnes has amassed a campaign success record among the very best in the Commonwealth of Virginia, making the difference in dozens of business, advocacy and political campaigns year after year (see CASE STUDIES for specific, real-world examples).

THOS. M. BYRNES, LLC has worked with regional elected officials, governing bodies and municipal staff professionals to advance a variety of public and private initiatives.  Byrnes is frequently retained by progressive real-estate developers, expending businesses, major infrastructure contractors and community-based interest groups to assist with public relations needs and government approval efforts. 

Services are described in the general categories at left, to include those associated with strategy and message development, marketing and promotion, “spin control” and problem mitigation as well as professional creative services.

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Creative Services

THOS. M. BYRNES creative services get noticed, get you noticed and sway public opinion the way you desire and intend.

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