Tom makes success happen.

— Gary F. Skinner

4X elected NoVA county supervisor



ABOVE: 2007 direct mail piece for Spotsylvania, VA supervisor election campaign (the candidate won in a landslide with a 52% margin of victory).


Public opinion regarding a business venture, political candidate or public policy initiative is decided by the most persuasive message, best coordinated “packaging” and superior advancement of that message (i.e., advertising and promotion). “Communications” is the catchall word for this critical need, and is often the make or break component of one’s strategic, business or political campaign success.


What do you convey in your commercials and marketing material? What do you say in your opinion-editorial or letter-to-the-editor? What is your campaign telling those you seek to influence, and what is your strategy’s bottom line message? Success depends on how these questions are answered.


Tom’s former clients and current colleagues all agree, “Tom knows what to say and how to say it.”


Tom Byrnes has a long track record of success in developing compelling, winning and cogent messages to educate, inform and sell ideas, projects and initiatives to the public, the media and government officials whose support is often needed to make success happen. Tom has written scores of opinion editorials, speeches and critical correspondence for numerous business leaders and elected officials in Virginia and Washington, DC.


Is your message persuasive? Is your communications and marketing strategy effective enough to win and succeed? Ask Tom. He knows.


Tom can provide the advice needed to help best engage stake-holders, package information and present initiatives or objectives for the best possible response and outcome.


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