Tom makes success happen.

— Gary F. Skinner

4X elected NoVA county supervisor



ABOVE: Newspaper headline and beginning of article reporting the go ahead vote secured by Tom for a major revitalization and redevelopment project, after he was hired the month prior to overcome opposition relayed then by the local city council majority needed to move ahead. Tom’s strategy resulted in a unanimous vote for approval.

Economic Development

Tom Byrnes is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial real estate development and associated economic impact brought to Central Virginia localities. Economic development initiatives are almost always subject to a local government approval process and negotiations with both elected officials and city or county professionals. Tom has a long and well-established track record of success when it comes to bringing economic development initiatives to fruition.


As a consultant, Tom was retained by numerous real estate development companies to secure rezoning approvals and economic development incentives from municipalities. As one example, he assisted Silver Companies of Washington, DC and Boca Raton, FL in developing nearly a million feet of commercial real estate space in Central Virginia.


Incentives Make the Difference


Tom Byrnes has over fifteen years of experience working with a variety of residential and commercial real estate developers, and municipalities, to create incentives and find innovative ways to advance economic development projects — including utilization of Virginia-approved Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Special Service Districts (SSDs), Community Development Authorities (CDAs) and public-private partnerships made possible through the Commonwealth’s Public Private Transportation and Education Acts (PPTAs and PPEAs).


Tom is a premier source of information and expertise when it comes to incentive opportunities and economic development tools available to municipalities, real estate developers and those advancing revitalization and public improvement initiatives (including both those readily available and those under-utilized).


Tom Byrnes is an advocate for the kind of clustered, mix-use developments advanced by the Urban Land Institute and Smart Growth America; he is also a proponent of rehabilitation and revitalization development initiatives that promote reuse of historic and industrial properties. Visit the SUCCESSES page for specific examples of Tom’s work in economic development.


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